Essential Oils

If you would like to join our community and learn more about essential oils, I’d love it!  You can join as a wholesale member and receive 24% discounts off of retail prices on everything and begin your own journey with your starter kit!  There are three different options to join with the new member starter kit, and as an active distributor you will get a welcome package from me and also have the option to access private facebook groups that will help you learn how to use your oils.

You can enroll in my group with this link and be sure to check that the number 10739705 for Antheia Organics appears in both the Sponsor & Enroller areas of the enrollment page.  Just a few of the great benefits of membership & tips to keep in mind:

  • No annual fees to be a wholesale member – just spend 50PV/year to keep your account active (PV = Product Value; generally one point per dollar, as noted next to each item on the website) 
  • No minimum orders or middlemen – order as often as you like directly from your account with Young Living
  • Young Living calls their wholesale members “Distributors”, but this does not mean that you have to sell oils and there is never any pressure to do so
  • You would also have the option to join as a retail member without purchasing a starter kit, but you would not qualify for the 24% discounted pricing.  Pick the best option for you, but I believe you will quickly recoup the difference in the price of the starter kit with the discount pricing available from the Wholesale membership!
  • I would recommend the Premium Starter Kit, which comes with a diffuser and 11 different 5ml bottles of essential oil, plus a roller fitment, other sample oils and mini vials for sharing with friends and family, as well as learning literature.  It’s also the only item you can purchase from Young Living for over 50% off retail with your wholesale membership pricing!
  • As you become familiar with Young Living, you will quickly see how much more they have to offer with other oils, oil infused products, supplements, natural cleaning, personal care, and so much more… they even have a wonderful mineral makeup line

You will also have the option to also join Essential Rewards when you purchase your starter kit.  You can always say “no thank you” for the ER or choose a package and ship them together for extra savings with your initial wholesale membership kit.  What is Essential Rewards?   It’s a fully customizable loyalty program, which basically means you will spend right around $50 a month ($100 a month if you are selling), and you will start building up points which equal free products! Not only do you get 24% off already as a WHOLESALE MEMBER of Young Living, but when you join ER, you also get an additional percentage back ON EVERY ORDER earned as loyalty points!  Enjoy the convenience of an automatic monthly shipment on the date you select, it’s FREE to join, you can cancel anytime, you get freebie oils after months 3, 6, 9 & 12 of your membership, exclusive bundle discounts on ER kits, and you get 10% back right away then 20% back on everything just 4 months after you join! After month 25, you earn 25% back on your ER orders.. and finally, it qualifies you for reduced shipping. Win, win, WIN!!