My Story

This is the story of my journey with essential oils

Your whole life is really a growth story, isn’t it?  Sometimes we associate “growing up” with progressing through school, but in life there are so many opportunities to keep growing and learning along the way.  Part of this journey, for many including myself, changes when you have kids.  I know that when I was pregnant with my boys, I became much more aware of what I was putting in my body and how it would impact them.  I was increasingly focused on the importance of organic, whole foods in our home.  I’ve always had sensitivities to food, but this was different because I was now responsible for them.  As the years went by, my awareness also evolved as I became more conscious of the chemicals that invade our home in so many subtle ways… through the cleaning products that we use to wipe our counters with and then turn around and place our food on those same counters to prep for a meal, to our mattresses that we sleep on each night (think of the percentage of your life you spend in that bed!), to bath/body products and makeup that we place on our skin which absorbs toxins as the largest organ of our body!  You get the idea… it evolves as you do more and more research and that light bulb goes off when you care about what choices you make and how they impact yourself and your loved ones.  My father died when he was 49, but he was a smoker and was also in Vietnam where he was exposed to chemical agents. However, illness has also impacted my mother & other loved ones in my family as well so I started reading more and more.  My journey is not about a cure, as I can’t tell you more than anyone else why people get sick.. we rely on doctor’s or other professionals to help.  What I do believe we can focus on instead, is about learning about natural alternatives to ordinary toxins that we expose ourselves to each day.  Do you have the ThinkDirty app?  Have you ever used EWG’s SkinDeep database?  These are great tools that let you see for yourself what is in those favorite cleaning products with the blue tint under your sink, or that foundation that you use every day.  Do you know what the warning label says on the dishsoap under my sink?  It says “If swallowed, drink plenty of water to dilute”.  There is a better way.

So in my research, I was looking specifically for Sacred Frankincense.  Young Living’s Sacred Frankincense is the only company that distills and exports from Oman to the Western world (you can read about the farm here).  There are different varieties of Frankincense, and Young Living offers two – Boswellia Carterii and Boswellia Sacra.  Frankincense is good for the skin, for meditation and general wellness.  Omani Frankincense is believed to be the Frankincense used in ancient and biblical times, such that Sacred Frankincense has been the subject to much study and research (I always encourage you to do your own research, based on what is most important to you).  I wanted to try it, plain and simple, and to gift it to some of my family members and while I could find other Frankincense EOs online, it was important to me that Young Living owns/partners with farms and that they do their own testing on each batch of oils for purity.  Therefore, I became a member and figured what did I have to lose?  After all, that premium starter kit comes with a diffuser and 11 essential oils and who doesn’t want your house to smell better as yet another alternative to candles or synthetic fragrances.  From there, my journey was one of exploration.  Our team has a ton of great resources for learning more, as I know it can be daunting when you start to learn something new.  It was for me, even though I had used EOs in more limited capacity for a few years already.  Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years in different regions of the world, and can be singles or blends used for a variety of emotional, wellness or spiritual applications.  I have children, and you should remember to always dilute with a carrier oil when using on kids or others that may have more sensitive skin.  Valor is my FAVORITE oil for emotional support. From the starter kit there are several oils that I literally use every day, such as Peppermint and Lemon in my coffee & water, respectively and I use Lavender in my diffuser and on my skin as perfume, Thieves in our diffuser or in a wellness roller for us & the kids, and Frankincense as a moisturizer for my skin.  If you want more information, please email me with any questions and I’d love to help you start your journey!

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